How To Use Spot Welder

Long click more than 3 seconds to power on the spot welder,after spot welder powered on,try different gears from low to high,we suggest use gear 14 or 15 to welding 0.12mm thickness nickel plated strip.

The thickness of the solder needs be thicker than the nickel strip and make sure the nickel strip and the battery surface shold be clean and close contact with each other.

When welding, press down the soldering pin lightly,can’t be pressed hard,the harder you press,when detects the welding pin is placed,start welding.

The following welding is the wrong method:

  1. Welding two nickel strips of the same thickness up and down will cause most of the current to pass through the welding, resulting in unstable welding.
  2. Not cut and weld the entire roll of nickel tape may cause welding current to be transmitted to the entire roll of nickel tape, resulting in unstable welding.

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