Product Description

DH50 Feature:
Touch screen,easy to operate settings;
Portable spot welding machine with quick-release replaceable welding pen;
Small and portable size design, convenient to carry;
The one-piece soldering pen uses gold-plated terminals with good conductivity and low contact resistance;
Built-in high discharge lipo battery, excellent charging and discharging performance, more stable;
Support Firmware Upgrade


DH50 Specification
Screen: Touch Screen
Material: Metal Case
Battery Capacity: 5000mAh
Input: 5V MAX 3A
Charging Port: Type-C
Product Weight: 290g
Product Size: 103x83x29mm
Package size: 160x110x50mm
Package weight: 530g
Support Firmware Upgrade


DH50 Packaging Include
1 x Mini Spot Welder
2 x Welding Pen
1 x Type C Charging Cable
1 x 0.12mm*8mm*2m Nickel Plated Steel Belt
1 x User Manual


Please full charging before using!

Spot Welding Power Setting:
Start with the first gear and increase the power slowly until it can be welded. Do not increase the power if it can be welded. Avoid MOS bombs. The black solder joints indicate that the power is too high.

When welding, press down the soldering pin lightly, and the nickel sheet and the battery can be bonded together. The harder you press, the less solid the welding will be. It will automatically trigger after pressing down for one second.



Additional Information

Weight 0.53 kg
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 5 cm


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1. How to Reset Spot Welder how-to-reset-spot-welder
You can disconnect charging wire (be sure to remove the charging wire before reset),then click the “RST” hole next to the charging port to reset the spot welder.
After rest,you can try to power on or insert charging wire to charge spot welder.


2. Spot Welder Can Not Power On spot-welder-can-not-power-on
If you find spot welder can’t be turned on or there is no response when inserting the charging wire, it is recommended to check the power adapter and charging wire.

It is recommended to use the charging wire come with spot welder for charging,connect the USB-A port of the power adapter to the type C port of the spot welder through the charging cable. The power adapter requires a current of 5V above 2A for quick charging.

Do not use a PD power adapter or PD charging cable, as the PD power adapter or connect any other voltage or current meter may not output 5V voltage. The PD charging cable may have some charging problems and may burn out the charging chip of the spot welder.

It is recommended to charge the spot welder for more than 3 hours to fully charge.


3. How to use spot welder how-to-use-spot-welder
Long click more than 3 seconds to power on the spot welder,after spot welder powered on,try different gears from low to high,we suggest use gear 14 or 15 to welding 0.12mm thickness nickel plated strip.
The thickness of the solder needs be thicker than the nickel strip and make sure the nickel strip and the battery surface shold be clean and close contact with each other.
When welding, press down the soldering pin lightly,can’t be pressed hard,the harder you press,when detects the welding pin is placed,start welding.

The following welding is the wrong method:
1. Welding two nickel strips of the same thickness up and down will cause most of the current to pass through the welding, resulting in unstable welding.
2. Not cut and weld the entire roll of nickel tape may cause welding current to be transmitted to the entire roll of nickel tape, resulting in unstable welding.


4. Precautions for maintenance spot-welder-battery-maintenance
The spot-welding machine has a built-in high-rate lithium battery, which is different with the mobile phone battery. The high-rate lithium battery can discharge with high current, so if it is not used for a long time, it may cause the battery voltage too low to shut down, and serious may cause battery damage. We recommend charging it to about 80% for storage every 2-3 months.

1. DH50 Unboxing video

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3. DH50 Welding

4. DH50 Continue welding

5. DH50 With W23 Phone Battery Spot Welding Fixture

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